Certific introduces a new patient engagement and communication platform for primary care centers


17 January 2023

Primary care centers are managing more patients than ever before, resulting in increasing volumes of telephone calls, emails and other written communication. To reduce this burden Certific has developed a new digital communication and engagement platform that will support the clinic’s staff by eliminating their most time-consuming and routine tasks. 

The platform was developed in cooperation with family physicians and doctors in Estonia and the UK and it acts as a gateway between the patient and their care team. Patients can use the platform to contact their GP for any health problem, and the platform is able to ask patients clarifying questions about their concern, just as a doctor or nurse would during an in-person visit or a telephone call.

Equipped with intelligent algorithms, the platform converts the patient's medical query into a structured medical summary that can easily be copied to various medical records, allowing them to spend more time helping patients and less time on paperwork. 

    Certific piloted in Rapla primary care centre

    The platform is already open to the 12,000 patients of Rapla primary care centre in Estonia and will soon be adopted by Remedium, City Centre GP, and Medihold. 

    Rapla primary care center has reported that Certific has significantly improved their ability to help patients. 

    "We receive so many phone calls at the same time that it is physically impossible to answer them all at once. This clearly causes frustration in patients. However, with the help of Certific, patients are able to submit their health concern at a time and place most suitable for them, without taking up the practice’s time. The clinic staff receive concise and clinically relevant information about the patient’s medical problem, having more time for patient diagnosis and treatment."

    Dr Andres Lasn, Rapla primary care centre

    Certific provides physicians with relevant patient data prior to the consultation, increases prompt patient communication and reduces administrative costs and time.

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