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With a single, ready-to-use platform, you can communicate with patients, receive automated medical summaries, and manage tasks.

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Built by doctors for doctors
The platform is developed and constantly being improved by physicians with first-hand experience in primary care.
Intelligent data collection
Physicians only receive the most clinically relevant information from patients to ensure the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Seamless and accessible
Doctors can access this lightweight platform at their convenience and follow-through patients’ requests at a suitable pace.
Our services are designed to follow the strictest principles of data protection and information security.

The clinic's view


The clinic's dashboard

All the incoming requests are assembled into a single dashboard. Requests can be easily filtered, sorted and searched.


Detailed view of a patient's request

Compact overview of patient contact details, their health concern, and previous correspondence with the clinic.


Intelligent data processing

The patient's request is automatically converted into a clear and concise textual summary that can easily be copied to various medical records.


Controlled communication

Manage the speed and manner of communication with your patients: you can schedule your replies to the patient to be sent at a later time and prompt your patients to provide additional information or perform tasks.


Initiate a conversation with your patient

You can also start a conversation with the patient yourself. Invite your patients to come in for analyses or forward test results safely.

The patient's view



The patient logs in using secure authentication.


The patient specifies their reason for contacting

The patient can contact the clinic for help resolving a health concern, extending a prescription, or issuing a medical certificate.


The patient describes their health concern

The platform helps patients describe their health concern in a concise and structured way that takes as little time as possible but is useful for the clinic staff.


The request is sent to the clinic

The patient's concern reaches the clinic's dashboard. The patient will receive a notification once the request is answered.

Why Certific

Increase efficiency

Remove most time-consuming repetitive tasks from the physician’s workload to decrease the administrative burden and free up more time for patient care.


Improve communication

By consolidating patient communication into one place, clinicians can save time and improve efficiency, reducing the risk of miscommunication or errors.


Enhance patient satisfaction

Instead of having to call their physician during set telephone hours, spending time on call waiting lists or writing long emails, patients can take action at a time and place most suitable for them, without taking up the practice’s time.

What our clients say

Dr Andres Lasn

Family Physician

A large part of my daily work is communicating with patients, and to provide the best possible assistance, I need all the details about a person’s health concern. Without digital solutions, this generally means exchanging lengthy emails or patients queued on waiting lines during designated call hours. Often, however, patients would be able to describe their health concern before the visit and get help faster. Certific allows just that. I have seen first hand how my patients get better and faster medical assistance.

Eda Timm

Family nurse practitioner

With this solution, I’ve been able to find out more about the patient’s health concern in advance and take the time to think through the next steps before contacting them. I sometimes want to consult with the GP before proceeding and I cannot do that if I’m on the phone with the patient at the same time. Certific helps me plan my work better and provide better care to patients.



I am not often ill, but when I am, it always happens at the most uncomfortable time. With Certific, I was able to submit my sick leave request late Sunday evening, and I knew I wouldn't have to worry about being stuck on a call waiting list to my GP on Monday morning. The submission process was simple and smooth, I answered a few questions about my symptoms and it took total of three minutes.

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