Certific receives applied research grant from Enterprise Estonia


05 July 2023

We are excited to announce that we have been given an applied research grant by Enterprise Estonia to support our mission to revolutionise healthcare, to empower patients to take charge of their health and make better informed decisions about it. While the platform is already being used by over 30 clinics in Estonia and pilots starting in Ireland and Romania, we continue to work closely with our clients - family doctors and nurses - to learn from their experience and improve the solution further.

Research collaboration with Tartu University

The grant enables us to collaborate with Tartu University to enhance Certific's software solution. We recognize the importance of scientific validation and believe that with their expertise, we will be able to validate advanced functionalities in terms of user-friendliness, acceptability and clinical outcomes. The research will greatly contribute to our goal of creating innovative solutions in healthcare.

The Institute of Family Medicine and Public Health at Tartu University is conducting a qualitative study, led by Dr Riina Raudne and Dr Taavi Tillmann, in collaboration with nurses, general practitioners, and patients to take part in semi-structured interviews after using the solution to assess its acceptability and convenience.

Streamlining information for nurses

Although the qualitative study is still in progress, we have learned a few things so far. The main aspect nurses find Certific useful for is its ability to provide a complete overview of patients' symptoms and health history. Like many other practices, Puusepa GP centre in Tartu used to communicate with their patients over phone, email and even text messages. However, it is quite common that the information provided by patients through these channels is incomplete. Therefore, nurses were forced to ask additional questions in order to diagnose, write a prescription, or provide sick leave.

Client-driven innovation

As we keep developing and enhancing the platform daily, we value the feedback we get from our clients and our tech team works closely with doctors to find quick solutions to their requests. Dr Tarvo Kiudma: “I appreciate that Certific is evolving rapidly, with necessary updates constantly being introduced. For instance, the possibility to safely share files and other materials through Certific has been very useful.”

Enhanced security for patient identification

The security of our platform was also emphasised. In healthcare, where privacy and confidentiality are paramount, patients must be properly identified. However, using Gmail or other email service providers, the doctor cannot be sure if it is in fact the correct patient who he is talking to. Not to mention the generally poor security of email communication. Certific's robust security measures ensure that patient data is protected at all times, adhering to industry standards and regulations. 

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