Rethinking Healthcare: Prioritizing Our Professionals

08 November 2023

In today's swiftly evolving healthcare realm, technology is redefining our approach to patient care. But here's a question: Are we putting healthcare professionals where they truly belong—right at the forefront? At Certific, we believe that's the only way forward. Our mission is simple yet profound: Make healthcare technology serve both healthcare professionals and their patients, not the other way around.

User-Centricity: The Heart of what we do

Our journey began with the creation of a simple yet effective communication platform that acts as a bridge between healthcare professionals and their patients.  After conversations with clinicians in primary care, it was clear that they dedicate a significant part of their workday sifting through emails and engaging in phone calls, as also highlighted in a yearly report showing that family physicians spend on average 17 hours per week on administrative tasks.  When patients reach out to GPs via email, they often provide insufficient information, making it challenging to grasp the full scope of their health concerns. In some cases, patients may not even include their name!  We wanted to help clinicians take control of their time by reducing these mundane tasks and streamlining communication, whilst at the same time, collecting as much information as possible from the patient in relation to their health concern. 

We recognized that to create a truly effective healthcare communication platform, it was imperative to understand the unique challenges and requirements of both healthcare providers and patients. This approach allowed us to develop a solution that not only streamlined the workflow for healthcare professionals, but also greatly improved the overall experience for patients.

We take great pride in our user-centric approach, and it shows in the numbers. With over 175 thousand patients and more than 350 clinicians actively using our platform, we've earned an outstanding user feedback rating of 4.8/5. Their feedback stands at the heart of our focus. 

We tried another e-platform before, but it was hard for patients to ask questions on it. They said it took too much time and was hard to use. Now with Certific, asking questions is easier for patients, and they like it. We also get a clear, short medical summary from each question, which is very helpful. Right now, we prefer using Certific.

Family Medical Centre, Tartu

Empowering Patients: Have We Truly Embraced It?

In the era of patient empowerment, we firmly believe in giving patients more control over their healthcare journey, allowing them to rapidly access their health data, and communicate seamlessly with their healthcare providers.  Our platform puts essential information and tools at their fingertips, such as prescription renewals, sick leave requests and secure sharing of documents.  Waiting in call queues and anticipating clinic opening hours are things of the past.  

This shift in power not only enhances the overall patient experience but also has great benefits for clinicians, providing them with concise, factual and relevant information that can lead to improved healthcare delivery and swifter outcomes.

Relieving Clinicians of Administrative Shackles

One of our primary objectives is to help healthcare providers in alleviating stress levels, reducing work overload, and regaining their time by dramatically simplifying their administrative tasks. With features such as task assignments and automations, clinicians not only save time, but also significantly reduce errors in their daily tasks. 

Here's the question that matters: Are we making a substantial difference in their daily lives? 

We understand that every minute saved from the clutches of paperwork can be devoted to direct patient care. By collecting relevant information from patients and creating a concise medical summary, we not only reduce the need for numerous emails and calls, but we also provide clinicians with a more comprehensive and organized view of the patient's medical history, leading to more informed and efficient decision-making in patient care. 

Using Certific, a clinic can save an average of 4 minutes per consultation which for a list of around 2,000 patients, saves an average of 15 hours of family nurse time per month, and that's just for patients presenting with upper respiratory problems. But the benefits don't stop there. Take a look at the remarkable results our platform has delivered.

The Fusion of Medical Expertise and Technology

At Certific, our team of medical experts and technology developers is the driving force behind Certific’s platform. Built by doctors, for doctors, we are able to create solutions that are not just technologically advanced, but deeply attuned to the realities of healthcare practice. Our platform is designed paying attention to every detail in order to alleviate the administrative burden for GP’s, nurses and reception staff, enabling them to focus on what they do best—provide quality care to their patients.

Our firm commitment to user-centricity isn't just a catchphrase; it's the very essence of our product. By building a platform that empowers patients, streamlines communication for healthcare providers, and values user feedback, we're embracing change in the healthcare technology landscape. Working towards a future where healthcare technology combines efficiency and precision whilst improving patient care.

What the future holds

With the ever-decreasing number of GPs and the growing number of patients, it's crucial that we continue to find solutions to alleviate the time spent on administrative tasks in the healthcare sector. By encouraging patients to be more active in their own health and providing better tools to our healthcare professionals, we aim to transform the way healthcare is delivered.

Patients taking a proactive role in managing their well-being and having access to their health data, personalized recommendations, and remote monitoring tools, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health.

Healthcare professionals will benefit from reduced administrative burden and enhanced decision support systems. AI will help automate routine tasks, allowing doctors and nurses to focus on providing high-quality care. Smart accessories and wearable devices will enable continuous monitoring of patients' vital signs, ensuring early detection of health issues and prompt interventions.

In conclusion, the future of healthcare holds the promise of a more efficient, user-centric, and technologically advanced system. By leveraging the power of AI, smart accessories, and software integrations, we plan to be part of the transformation of the healthcare sector, streamlining patient communication from primary care to secondary care and beyond.

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