Verified concussion training

Fully remote, quality-assured concussion training athletes cannot ignore

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Independent quality-assurance
Athlete's participation is verified through a unique video-recorded process
App based e-learning
Easy to use training platform, accessible anywhere, anytime
Safety through education
Recognising symptoms and managing an injury correctly hinges on education
Bring your own training content
Platform customisable with bespoke training videos

Our promise

Independently quality-assured concussion training that athletes cannot ignore!

Certific's e-learning platform enables quality assured training, where a learner's participation and engagement is independently verified.

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How does it work?

step 01

ID verification

Athlete logs into Certific App and verifies their identity

step 02

Training video

Athlete watches the concussion training, while being video-recorded

step 03

Knowledge check

Athlete needs to pass a knowledge check

step 04


Certific reviews recording to prove athlete's participation

step 05

Certificate & reporting

Certific issues a training certificate & reports to sports organisation

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Certific at the 2022 IMMAF European Championships

“Having spent nearly 10 years working with fighters needing to reach medical safety standards, I’m pretty convinced that things only ever get done when zero choice is given!

With concussion, success hinges on a fighter recognising their symptoms, and the importance of managing their injury correctly. This can only be achieved through education - real education that cannot be ignored.”

Yoni Gottlieb
Director of athlete safety, International Mixed Martial Arts Federation
CEO, medical charity SAFE MMA

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    What is Certific?

    Certific is a platform that enables certified remote medical testing at scale. We combine science and technology with easy and affordable access to mass testing to increase efficiency, speed and reliability of testing. Certific offers healthcare services in partnership with Dr Jack Kreindler Consulting Limited, a government authorised provider in the UK.

    How does it work?

    Certific’s technology and testing process allow you to take a medically certified test safely in the comfort of your home. Through the unique testing procedure, Certific will verify your identity, your test device, the accuracy of your sampling, and your test result.