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Fully remote cardiovascular screening

Non-invasive lipid testing and at-home blood pressure monitoring

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Fully remote
Scalable home-based digital solution
Increased adherence
Verification via video leads to better adherence
Saved resources
Reduced strain on medical staff and facilities
Better access to care
Screening accessible regardless of location or socioeconomic status

Our promise

Fully remote, quality-assured self testing at scale for cardiovascular risk assessment.

To detect cardiovascular risk earlier and prevent heart attacks and stroke.

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the solution

The key to detecting and managing cardiovascular disease is self-testing at scale.

Our novel solution combines the necessary elements to achieve this:

  • The Pocdoc Lipid Panel Lateral Flow Test - a simple test that can be operated at home and capable of providing quantitative results on the following biomarkers: Total Cholesterol, HDL, Triglycerides, Non HDL, TC:HDL Ratio
  • At-home blood pressure monitoring
  • Body-mass index calculation
  • Certific's Remote Medical Verification Technology - a patient centric platform that is easy to use and enables quality assurance of any procedure conducted at home
Patient journey

Step 01

Test Kit

Patient receives a lipid panel fingerprick blood test and blood pressure monitor to their home.

step 02

Certific App

Certific App guides the patient to take the test and measure their blood pressure.

step 03

Test review

Certific verifies the identity of the patient and their testing process.

step 04

Certified report

Certific reports the test results to the patient and their physician.

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