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Decentralised Clinical Trials

Fast-track processes while maintaining quality

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Cost control
Reduced trial costs
Certific is modular and adaptable to a variety of processes
Remote verification
Verification via video leads to better adherence
Focus on delivering patient-centric practices

Our promise

A hassle-free trial experience with reduced costs

Certific enables trial participants to perform diagnostics and medicine intake remotely and seamlessly.

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The solution

The platform comes with a built-in verification function – recorded video – verifying the entire process from beginning to end. 

Our app also includes video instructions making the process a user-friendly and pleasant experience.

Certific’s solution covers ID verification, reviews of the processes and reports. We can also provide documentation (e.g. consent, assessments), notifications for when the patient needs to take their medicine and observational functionalities. 

    Customer journey with certific

    Step 01

    Sign Up

    The patient signs up for a clinical trial on your platform.

    Step 02

    Certific App

    The patient downloads Certific App and goes through the process according to the instructions.

    Step 03

    Process review

    Certific verifies the identity of the patient and the trial process.

    Step 04

    Certified report

    The patient signs up for a clinical trial on your platform.

    Benefits of using Certific for your trial
    Accelerated timelines
    Improved enrollment and inclusivity during the trial
    Decreased trial-related costs
    Increased learning power from providing your patients with more valuable information
    Reduced patient burden

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    What is Certific?

    Certific is a platform that enables certified remote medical testing at scale. We combine science and technology with easy and affordable access to mass testing to increase efficiency, speed and reliability of testing. Certific offers healthcare services in partnership with Dr Jack Kreindler Consulting Limited, a government authorised provider in the UK.

    How does it work?

    Certific’s technology and testing process allow you to take a medically certified test safely in the comfort of your home. Through the unique testing procedure, Certific will verify your identity, your test device, the accuracy of your sampling, and your test result.