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Screening Programs

For efficient screening of chronic conditions

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Remote verification
Verification via video leads to better adherence
Ease of testing
Logistical blockers to successful testing removed. Reduction of human errors
Long term public health
More averted adverse outcomes by better screening coverage
Certific is adaptable to a variety of tests

Our promise

Let our platform take care of the labour intensive tasks so that you can focus on healthcare!

Certific enables patients with chronic conditions to perform regular screening remotely and seamlessly.

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The solution

The Certific platform enables chronically ill patients to perform the required regular screenings remotely and accurately without healthcare providers manually managing the process.

It also facilitates healthcare providers to proactively screen for chronic conditions such as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Heart Failure and cancer screening. This identifies at-risk patients early on, thereby reducing the risk, cost and complications associated with late diagnosis. 

The platform comes with an in-built verification function - either a recorded video or the ability to upload time-stamped images of various components of the screening process – all at a convenient time to the patient, in the comfort of their home. Our app also includes instructions that increase compliance, minimise errors and makes the whole process a user-friendly and pleasant experience. 

Certific’s solution covers consent, ID and screening equipment verification and delivery of accurate and reliable results back to the healthcare provider. 

    Partner with us to

    Automate labour-intensive routine tasks such as filling lab orders, handing out sample kits, calling patients with reminders etc


    Increase the coverage of regular routine tests among your patients which will, in turn, lead to more averted adverse outcomes, better health of the population, decreased costs and allow access to certain provider bonuses


    Offer a user friendly way of performing regular medical tests to your patients at their own convenient time and place, thereby improving adherence

    Customer journey with Certific

    Step 01

    Invitation to at-home screening

    Patient will receive a notification from their healthcare provider which includes instructions on how to start the screening process with Certific.

    Step 02

    Certific App

    The patient downloads Certific App and goes through the process according to the instructions.

    Step 03

    Process review

    Certific verifies the identity of the patient and the test collection process.

    Step 05

to lab

    Certific organises shipment of the sample to the lab.

    Step 05

    Results and Reporting

    Results from the lab are passed on to the patient via the Certific app and/or sent to the healthcare provider / patient medical record.

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    What is Certific?

    Certific is a platform that enables certified remote medical testing at scale. We combine science and technology with easy and affordable access to mass testing to increase efficiency, speed and reliability of testing. Certific offers healthcare services in partnership with Dr Jack Kreindler Consulting Limited, a government authorised provider in the UK.

    How does it work?

    Certific’s technology and testing process allow you to take a medically certified test safely in the comfort of your home. Through the unique testing procedure, Certific will verify your identity, your test device, the accuracy of your sampling, and your test result.